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This post is mostly for game lovers especially those who are always looking for where to download modded or crack version of games.
Though almost all games and apps are available on playstore, most people prefer sideloading there apps and it comes in comes on compressed zip format which help save data. Also most games you download from third party websites comes in modded or cracked versions that provides you with unlimited coins or money.
I did my little research and I was able to come up with top five(5) websites where you can download the latest hd games.

Here they are:
1. Andropalace: This website is very popular for its modded/crack apps and games. The website provides the latest games for free.

2. Apklover: This is also another good place to get your latest games. They also provide you with modded games for free.

3.  Revdl: This has always been one of my best place for downloading android apps and games. Unlike th e ones I listed above, this website provides you with a direct download link.
So you are not been redirected to any file sharing website and you also don't have to skip any ad.

4. Androbest: This website is for games alone. So if you are interested in just games then I will recommend this website for you.
Another cool thing about this site is that you can request for any game you want or a modded version of any game and it will be provided.

5. Play.mob: This is the last but not the least. Play.mob doesnt just provide games for only android platform but it also make provision for other platforms.
So if you are an iPhone user or you are still stuck with your symbian device then you can give this website a shot.

That's going to be all for now. But if you think there is another cool website I didn't mention then feel free to point it out in the comment box below.

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