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Transfering files between different platforms has been a problem with iOS users especially those who also own an android device. Even though the latest iOS devices are packed with Bluetooth technology, transferring files to devices outside the iOS platform is almost impossible.

Though many people send files via email or upload and download on cloud storage like Google drive or drop box but imagine a situation where you want to transfer a large file of about 500mb or above and you have very little time or limited bandwidth to do that. This can be really frustrating.
All thanks to technology advancement, there are now many apps thats allows you send files  between android and iOS devices with WiFi.
Today I will be highlighting just five(5) of them.

Here they Are:

 This is a very simple app with a very cool UI and also very easy to use. With this app you can send multiple files of all format and it also allow you to send files to a maximum of five(5) people at a time. Its available on both android and iPhone.
To use just click on connect on your android device and select connect iPhone. Open your wlan settings on your iPhone and connect to the WiFi name displayed on your android device. Now open xender on your iPhone and click on connect phone.

==>  Feem:
This is also another simple and elegant application for both Android and iOS which allows stress-free file-sharing between devices, To share and receive files with feem, you have to download it on both devices, create a local wifi network and enter the username of the other device.
Aside transfering files, Feem also has a Chat feature, which allows you to chat with other feem users as far as they are within proximity.
Though feem has a paid version, you can settle for free version but with ads.

==> Zapya:
 This is also another cool application that supports cross platform sharing of files. Which means you can share files between android, iOS, Mac and windows.
Zapya is also faster than Bluetooth, airdrop and NFC.

==> Instashare:
Instashare's feature is similar to that of Airdrop but it comes with the added ability of sending and receiving files from an android device.
Its very easy to use as it gives you the ability to drag and drop files onto a nearby contact.
This app comes with a free version on mobile devices but with ads and you also have to pay for the PC version.

==> Sharable
This is also another file sharing app. It works just like instashares, but unlike instashare this app is completely free with no ads at all. It can also be installed on android, iOS, Mac and windows.
I believe with those applications highlighted above, you are spoilt for choice on which one to use. But if you encounter any problem using any one those apps just drop your question in the comment box below and I will try to help you out.

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  1. Gud day. Hope you re doing great? Please help me with Nokiax 500mb Imeis thanks....

  2. A common method at present day is to use a USB drive to copy files. For the benefit of the lesser informed, a USB (Universal Serial Bus) drive is sometimes called a flash drive.
    downloadshareitapp.com - shareit app for android


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