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Iroot and Kingroot are arguably two of the most popular rooting applications because of their efficiency and ability to root most android devices with just a single click.
But the only problem with this apps is that instead of the traditional SuperSU most android users are used to, kinguser is installed instead. Many people are always looking for ways to replace the kinguser with SuperSU because kinguser doesn't grant proper root permission to some apps like cleanmaster, lucky patcher e.t.c
I will be sharing with you guyzz two different methods to replace kinguser with SuperSU.

1st Method: By installing supersu.
Though this method works on most occasion but in case it doesn't work for you, then try the other methods below.

>> Download SuperSU from playstore.
>> Open SuperSU and you should get a popup message asking you to update binary, select continue and choose normal.

>> while trying to update binary SuperSU will request for root access, grant it root access and reboot your device after the binary have been updated.

Note: in case SuperSU does not request for root access or you get binary update failed message then try the 2nd or 3rd method.
2nd Method: Through cwm
This method involves installing the flashable zip format of SuperSU through recovery.

>> custom recovery. Incase you dont have click here to learn how to create it.
For Mtk users click here.
>> Download Supersu.zip here .

>> Download SuperSU.zip from the link above and copy it to the root of your sdcard.
>> Reboot your device into recovery mode.
>> choose install zip from sdcard.
>> In the next menu select choose zip from sdcard and select the SuperSU.zip.
>> reboot your device after SuperSU have been installed and update binary.
The kinguser should be automatically replaced by SuperSU. Just update binary and enjoy.

3rd method: Through terminal emulator.
All thanks to wolfdroid for his sript file. This method does not require custom recovery. All you need is to install terminal emulator.
>> terminal emulator. Download here.
>> Replace_VRoot_With_SuperSU.zip. Download here.

>> Download and install terminal emulator from the link provided above.
>> Open the zip file you downloaded and extract the folder "mrw" to the root of your sdcard.
>> Open terminal emulator and type:
"su "
to grant root access.
>> Type:
sh /sdcard/mrw/root.sh
You phone should automatically reboot after the process.
That's all. You have just successfully replaced kinguser with SuperSU.

Note: if you still get binary update failed message after trying the 2nd and 3rd method,

 then download this version of SuperSU HERE. It doesn't require update binary.

If you have any question, you can drop it in the comment box below.

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  1. pls HELP ME WITH A Valid Airtel 2gb imei, THANKSSSSSS

    1. Try this 356346041089052 send the keyword 3g to 141

  2. Anonymous15 May, 2015

    I downloaded supersu.zip and tried to open it it says cannot open file

  3. you are to flash it via recovery not to open it.
    And are you sure the download was succesful

  4. Anonymous21 May, 2015

    Hi, I'm concerned about using Kingroot given comments online that it uploads your IMEI to an unknown server ?where. If I gain root using Kingroot, then use your methods to change to superuser, then uninstall Kingroot, does that fully eliminate kingroot from my phone? Do we know, at what stage the IMEI is uploaded, just from installing, or at the time of rooting. Would very much like to try this method to root but not happy until sure it's safe, thanks

  5. its all rumour buddy, what kingroot does is that it gets your ROM information so as to deploy the most suitable method to root your phone.
    Note that most rooting app does that and note just kingroot.

  6. Hello, none of 4 methods worked for me. I don't have custom recovery, so 2nd was not applicable for me. after third method, I've ended up with the condition "kinguser" was removed, however supersu was still not be able to update binary. So I've tried 4th method, it says my root is broken, and suggests to fix it, however it cannot. No application can gets root access, I'm in worst condition, pls help.

  7. which app did you use to root your phone

  8. Anonymous01 June, 2015

    Hello, 3rd method worked for me, it replaced KingRoot with SuperSU but now it doesn't want to update binaries, and I tried the other SuperSU version supplied by that link but still no sucess. Now I have SuperSU.apk in my system/app and can't delete it. After I did all this, my device is unrooted now, but the SuperSU app is still there. What can I do to properly unroot my device and start looking for other solutions?

  9. re root your phone with iroot for pc

  10. Anonymous09 June, 2015

    Well, I tried 3rd method. But when my phone reboot the Kinguser was gone, SuperSU isn't installed, and my root status changing to unrooted. Any solution? I tried to re-root but it doesn't work anymore. (Lenovo S660)

  11. If after trying any of the methods listed above, you lose your root access... Just Download this version of supersu from this LINK or reroot with iroot for pc

  12. Anonymous10 June, 2015

    ^^ The link is broken dude. Reupload please

  13. Anonymous26 June, 2015

    I allowed my king root on every thing now I reset my phone and I can't login in to my google account It just says couldn't find surver and it messed up my wifi

    1. I don't think that was caused by kingroot

  14. Anonymous23 July, 2015

    I followed the procedure with my Samsung G360F.
    Super SU successfully updated and rooting was OK BUT (!!!) after rebooting the root is lost and I got a message from super SU saying “no su binary installed”

    1. Try re rooting your phone with the rooting app before while you still have the SuperSU installed

  15. Thanks a lot! had to use the third method on my Huawei p7. First i clicked the wrong SuperSu program and thought there was an error...

  16. about the 2e way...
    When you say "sdcard", you mean the internal or the external sd card?
    We put it on wich one, and we unzip it on wich one?
    It is important to say it...
    And maybe add the requirement to install somme unzipping app like winzip or 7zip...

    It didnt work for me on a Kyocera ...

    1. On most device, it should work on the external sdcard....
      But it only works on internal sdcard on some other devices

  17. i have kinguser and my mobile automatically download apps....so my question is when i download supersu then i face same problem or not........

  18. You may face same problem

  19. Where is "The root" of my device? Is it some folder??

    1. It means directly inside your sdcard without putting it inside any folder

  20. 2nd n 3rd method not working n d apk link u gave isnt getting installed pllz help me

  21. Well i kingroot was a godsend for rooting my lg optimus l70 ms3223c months ago after no luck in rooting for months on end when i first got phone. I still have the original setup with kinguser and my lucky patcher works fine. Im afraid to update root tho cause im happy with my phone. Does anybody know why i should or shpuldnt updatee my root? Thanks -LayZmoN

    1. If it doesn't cause you any trouble then do not waste your time doing this. Kinguser is fine.

  22. its is ok not replace the kinguser???

    1. Yea sure .... You can still keep your kinguser if you wish

  23. but in the application manager kinguser file is disabled. show


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