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Gaining root access on mtk deviceis very easy and less complicated compared to other android chipsets. But with the introduction of some new chipsets and devices such as the infinix zero, rooting of mtk devices have not been easy.
Today I will be sharing a universal method of rooting all mtk devices. This procedure is a bit lengthy but it wouldn’t only grant you root access, you will also be creating cwm and also an mtk backup of your rom.
==> Adb drivers. download here
==> Mtk droid tools. Download here.
==> Sp flastool. Download here.
==> supersu.zip by chainfire. download here.
==> Usb cable.
==> A windows pc.
1.       Launch mtk droid tools and wait while it loads up your device information.
2.       Click on block maps, 

3.       In the block info window, click on “create scatter file” (save it preferably on the desktop) and minimize the mtk droid tools.

4.       Launch sp flashtool, click on scatter loading and select the scatter file you created earlier.

5.       Click on the readback tab and select add.

6.       Double click on the blue bar and select the folder where you want to save the rom. *preferably the desktop*.
Note: the name must start with ROM_.

7.       In the next pop up window, make sure you select type as “hex”, the start address must be “0x000000”.
8.  For the length, open the mtk droid tools, click on blocks map and copy the last 8 alphanumeric after the first two zeros and paste it in the length box. “
N.B: it must begin with 0x” 
9.       Now disconnect your phone and switch it off. (on most devices you have to remove your battery)
10.   Click on readback and connect your device back to the pc.
11.   Just wait while sp flash tool completes the readback process. This may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of your rom. So you have to be patient.
12.   Once the readback process is completed you should see a green circle. So just disconnect your phone.
13.   Open mtk droid tool, click on the root backup recovery tab and select “to process file rom from flashtool.
14.   Go to your desktop and select “ROM_0 “Depending on the name you saved it with and open.
15.   While copying a pop up will appear asking “To make cwm recovery automatically” select yes.
16.   Wait while the all files are copied.
17.   To locate the created cwm recovery, open mtk droid tools folder click on backups and open the folder that has the name of your device.
18.   Now you will see two recoveries in the folder. The “factory_NONmodified_recovery” and the one that starts with your device name.
19.   Copy the one that starts with your device name “preferably to the desktop and open spflashtool”
20.   Load the scatter file you used earlier, check only recovery, click on the path and select the recovery file you copied.
21.   Now power off your device as you did earlier, click on download and insert your usb cable. Then you should see a green circle after the process is completed.
22.   Now once the process is completed, power on your device and connect your phone to your pc as usb mass storage.

23.   Now go to this link and download super su.zip.
24.   Copy the downloaded file to the root directory of your external sd card (or you can use your internal sd card if you don’t have an external.
25.   Now reboot your device into recovery.
26.   Select install zip from sd card and select “Update_supersu.zip”
27.   If the zip is successfully installed then you now have root access.
28.   Just reboot your device.

CONGRATULATION!! You have successfully rooted your device.

If you encounter ant problem with the steps above, kindly drop your questions in the comment box below.

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  1. I have a MT6572 device (Blu Dash 3.5 II running Kit Kat). I keep getting the error that the ROM file is read incorrectly. Is there anything that I can do?

  2. check the length address, maybe you made a mistake

  3. Hello sir, on step 10, should I turn on my device or stay turn off?

  4. Hello sir, will this tutorial work on mtk 6753 64bit? I heard that there is no scatter file on that chipset. How to solved that and dump my rom? Sorry for my bad englisj and thanks for help

  5. my phone doesnt get detected on mtkdroid tools. pls help

    1. Make sure driver is installed on your PC and also enable USB debugging on your phone

  6. congratulations, and you have succesfuly bricked my phone!!!

  7. I tried to root my micromax a290 mt6592 everything went good but when i tried to boot into recovery the phone restarts to main screen and everytime i try to boot into recovery it gets me to main screen

    1. Make sure you use the right key combination

  8. In Micromax devices please click power button first then quickly press volume up button. After 4 seconds release it whether anything shows or not.
    It will boot into recovery

  9. Hello you all.
    I am doubtful at step3. Which scatter file I should choose or how create.
    Waiting for your response.

    1. The scatter file you initially created

  10. Hello sir, I have mt6753 device.. I have successfully created ROM_0 FILE but in mtk droid tool does not show the option TO PROCESS FILE rom FROM flash file... Is it because of i ain't created scatter file by means of mtk droid tools.. Because downloaded it from my custum recovery of panasonic eluga note

  11. MTK droid tool is not detecting my device though I have installed all the necessary drivers.
    Please help me

  12. i bricked my micromax turbo in step 21.. can you tell me how to unbrick it.

    1. Your phone is not bricked, it's just in "meta mode".

      Just leave the phone for like a day for the battery to die off, then try powering it on again

  13. I flashed it with stock rom and it worked just fine.
    Can you Help me with the Twrp recovery for Panasonic Eluga Mark. I searched it everywhere but i cannot find it.

  14. After following everything like you said, I was able to get this done on my phone. Thank you very much

  15. When i was trying step 21 when i clicked download it showed an error "PMT changed for the ROM. It must be downloaded"

  16. What device is that? You might need to download the full rom for your phone and reflash it again.


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