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As we all know that the windows 8/8.1 are gradually becoming popular among windows users.
Today I have decided to share with you guys 100 shortcuts for the windows 8/8.1.
This shortcuts consist of the traditional shortcut we have always known of and also some new ones.


1. Windows key : Access the Start screen
2. Windows + D: Open the Desktop.
3. Windows + Q Search box “you can also access the search box by just typing any word when you are in the start screen”
4. Windows + H: display the share option
5. Windows + C: Show the Charms.
6. Windows + K: Start Windows Devices
7. Windows + I: Settings
8) Windows + Z: Show the App Bar while in any app.
9) Windows +Tab or Alt+Tab : Cycle through open apps.
10) Windows + “+/_” brings up the magnifier.
11) Windows + “.” (Period): Snap an app to one side of the screen: .
12) F5: Refresh.
13) Right Shift key: If you press it for eight seconds, it turns on Filter Keys. If you press it five times in a row, it turns on Sticky Keys.
14) Ctrl + mouse wheel: it is used to increase and reduce the size of your desktop icons. It can also be used to zoom in out when running some programs e.g. ms word, corel draw
15) Ctrl+ A: Select all.
16) Ctrl + Esc: Show the Start screen.
17) Ctrl+C : Copy.
18) Alt +F4 : Close the active item or app.
19) Alt +D: Select the address bar in Internet Explorer.
20) Ctrl+Alt + D: Enable the Docked mode in the Magnifier tool.
21) Win+E : Open File Explorer.
22) Ctrl+E : Select the search box in File Explorer.
23) Win+F : Show Files in the Search charm.
24) F2: Rename the selected item.
25) Win+G: Cycle through desktop gadgets.
26) Win +H: Open the Share charm.
27) Win +I: Open the Settings charm.
28) F4 : Display items in the active list (works only for desktop apps).
29) Win+J: Switch the focus between snapped apps and larger apps.
30) Ctrl+F4: Close the active document.
31) Win + L: Lock the computer and display the Lock screen.
32) Ctrl+ Alt +L: Enable Lens mode in the Magnifier tool.
33) Win +M: Minimize all the windows on the desktop.
34) Ctrl +N: Open a new File Explorer window.
35) Ctrl+Shift +N: Create a new folder in File Explorer.
36) Win+O : Change the Lock screen orientation.
37) Win+P : Open the project options for a second screen.
38) Win+Q : Open the Search charm.
39) Win+R : Open the Run window.
40) Ctrl+R : Refresh.
41) Win+T : Set the focus on the taskbar and cycle through the running desktop apps.
42) Win+U : Launch the Ease of Access Center.
43) Win+V : Cycle through notifications.
44) Win+Shift +V : Cycle through notifications in backward order.
45) Ctrl+V : Paste.
46) Win+W : Open Settings in the search charm.
47) Ctrl+W : Close the current window. It works only in desktop apps.
48) Win+X : Open the hidden system menu.
49) Ctrl+X : Cut.
50) Ctrl+Y : Redo.
51) Win+Z : Opens the app bar. It works only in Windows 8 apps.
52) Ctrl+Z : Undo.
53) Win+keys from 1 to 9: Display the app at the given position on the taskbar.
54) F3: Search for a file or folder.
55) Ctrl+Alt +I: Invert colors in the Magnifier tool.
56) Win + “,” (comma): Peek at the desktop.
57) Win+ Down arrow: Minimize the active desktop window.
58) Win+F1 : Launch Windows Help and Support.
59) Win+ Enter : Launch Narrator.
60) Win+Alt +Enter : Launch Windows Media Center if installed.
61) Alt + Enter : Open the Properties window for the item selected in File Explorer.
62) Space: check/uncheck a check box.
63) Win+Space : Switch the input language and keyboard layout.
64) Alt +Space: Open a shortcut menu in desktop applications.
65) F1: Display Help in any running program if available (it’s also used in pausing most games.
66) Win+ Tab : Cycle through Windows 8 app history.
67) Win+ Ctrl+ Tab+ Arrow keys: Cycle through all the currently running widows app
68) Ctrl+Tab : Cycle through Windows 8 app history (identical to Win+Tab).
69) Alt +Tab : Switch between opened apps (including desktop apps).
70) Shift +Tab : Move backward through options.
71) Win+ Shift +Down arrow: Minimize the active desktop window and keep the current width.
72) Esc: Cancel.
73) Win+Esc: Exit the Magnifier tool.
74) Win+D: Show the desktop.
75) Ctrl+Shift +Esc: Launch Task Manager.
76) Win + Print sc: take a screenshot and save it automatically in the pictures/screenshot folder.
77) Left Alt +Left Shift +PrtScn: Turn on High Contrast.
78) Ctrl+ Down arrow: Advance to the next paragraph.
79) Ctrl+ Insert : Copy (alternative to Ctrl+C).
80) Shift +Insert: Paste (alternative to Ctrl +V).
81) Win+Home : Minimize inactive desktop windows.
82) Win+PageUp : Move the Start screen to the left monitor.
83) Win+PageDown : Move the Start screen to the right monitor.
84) Win+Break: shows the System Properties window.
85) Ctrl+Shift +down arrow: Select a block of text downward.
86) Win+Left arrow : Snap the active desktop window to the left.
87) Win+Shift +Left arrow: Snap the active desktop window to the left monitor.
88) Ctrl+Left arrow: Show the previous word or element.
89) Alt +Left arrow: Show the previous folder in File Explorer.
90) Ctrl+Shift +Left arrow: Select a block of text from the current cursor position to the left.
91) Right arrow: Open the next menu or submenu.
92) Win+ Right arrow: Snap the active desktop window to the right.
93) Win+ Shift +Right arrow: Snap the active desktop window to the right monitor.
94) Ctrl+ Right arrow: Show the next word or element.
95) Ctrl+Shift +Right arrow: Select a block of text from the current cursor position to the right.
96) Win+ Up arrow: Maximize the active desktop window.
97) Win+ Shift +Up arrow: Maximize the active desktop window and keep the current width.
98) Ctrl+ Up arrow: Show the previous paragraph.
99) Alt + up arrow: Advance up one level in File Explorer.
100) Ctrl+Shift +Up arrow: Select a block of text.

Here are the 100 shortcuts I have for you. If you have more to share just drop it in the comment box.

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