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Updated Links: Infinix Zero 3 X552 Latest XUI Update 1.Z.3.3

Am pretty most Zero 3 users most have received a notification of the latest XUI version 1.Z.3.3 for their zero 3. And for those who haven't received the update yet, you can download it from the LINKs provided below and manually update your phone.

The latest update features latest XUI 1.Z.3.3, it also comes with some new added features like the built in screen recorder function, gyroscope function, weather app among others.
Below are the list of things you should expect from this latest update:
1. XUI updated to 1.Z.3.3.
2. Added gyroscope function.
3. Added screen recording function.
4. Added weather app.
5. Added shutdown confirm option.
6. Optimized mobile overheating during charging.
7. Improved system stability and performance.

Download Links:
Tcard version: Download HERE.
SP flash version: Download HERE.

Tcard version: Download HERE.
SP flash version: Download HERE.

Note: If your device is rooted, I will advice you to download the SP flash version and manually update the ROM using a PC to avoid bricking your device.


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