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Infinix Hot Note Update - XUI 1.N.3.1 2016/07/22 (Download Links Updated)

It's pretty obvious that infinix is gradually ending software support for infinix hot note, zero 2 and some of their older devices.
If you have been using infinix hot note for some time and also been following their software updates, then you would notice that this is longest infinix mobility has gone without releasing any update for their infinix hot note.
Although a new update has just been released for both infinix hot note and pro users, but this is likely going to be the last update the device will receive. It's understandable though as the device itself is already getting obsolete. So if you happen to be one of those clinging to any of those old devices, you might probably want to let it go now and upgrade to any of the newer devices if you still want the regular updates, most especially the new Marshmallow based XOS.

Download Links For Infinix Hot Note Update - XUI 1.N.3.1 2016/07/22

To those who were having issues with the download links, I have fixed the problem with new links. Sorry for the inconvenience.

==> Infinix Hot Note X551-G808-A1-L-20160722(16 G+1G)
=> Sp FlashTool Version :    Download HERE
=> TF Card Version :             Download HERE
=> OTA Package Version :    Download HERE

==> Infinix Hot Note Pro X551-G808-BC-L-20160722 (16 G+2G)
=> Sp FlashTool Version:   Download HERE
=> TF Card Version:            Download HERE
=> OTA Package Version:   Download HERE

If you are probably new to the whole OS Upgrade procedure. Then you can check out detailed guide on how to upgrade via Tcard here and also how to upgrade via sp flashtools here.

If you have any question, feel free to ask and also don't forget to share this post on your social media platforms.


  1. Thanks for the info... Can i use the flashtool procedure for a root device?

  2. Can you upload the one for 2gb+32gb pls

    1. It's the same thing as the 2gb + 16gb

  3. Downloading for the 4th time with the mega downloader. But it keeps writing decryption error: file is corrupted after reaching 100% download.

    Abeg who done download am

    1. Which particular one are you trying to download.!?

      You can also try downloading it with this method.

    2. I download the 2gb ram 16gb rom OTA version package

      I use the latest mega downloader for PC.

      It downloaded fully , but upon extraction it says decryption error: file is corrupted

      I downloaded the file 3 different times on PC and once on my andriod phone , it keeps telling me same error.

      I'm going to try the advance downloader later.

      But I will appreciate if there is any perfect means of downloading the file without any error, I have wasted about 4gb already.


    3. I downloaded Sp flash tool version for 2gb ram and 16gb rom

    4. Use this link instead...


      Sorry for the inconvenience

    5. I used your lastest link to download the file for my infinix hot note pro 2gb RAM and 32gb ROM and it worked perfectly.

      Thanks a lot

  4. Gudmoni prof, tanx 4 fixing d download link dat has been given us issues. Pls wat is d difference btw dis version & d one dat was released in March dis year.? Is there new added features?

    1. Aside the screen recorder added to the notification panel... There is no other visible difference...

      Although they claim thsi new update features a better performance but you can't really notice it

  5. Do we get xos for hot note

  6. Why i dont recieve any update in my system update ?
    Its always say "your system in the latest version" but my version is 1.n.2.0 pls help

    1. That's a common issue...

      Just go ahead and do the update manually

  7. Please how do update/upgrade my infinix hote note from kitkat to lollipop? Thanks in advance.

  8. Please guys i need help, i used the sp flash tool to upgrade my infinix X551 to latest upgrade Infinix Hot Note X551-G808-A1-L-20160722(16 G+1G)
    now my phone wount turn on.

    1. I guess an error occurred while you were upgrading or maybe you flashed the wrong file...

      Just leave your phone for like a day for the battery to die off. Then go ahead and reflash with the right file

  9. The stock rom is for 2g/16g, will it still work normal with 2g/32g without any consequences.
    Also if I want to flash it, how can I avoid datas and apps from wiping out with the flashing process

    1. Yes it will work...

      To update without losing your file, just make sure you uncheck userdata and cache from SP flash tools before flashing...

      Also use "download only" and not "firmware upgrade"

  10. problem link: Item not available for the TF Card Version (16 G+2G)


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